Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blog Confessions

I will be the first to admit that I am terrible at this blog thing. I get so distracted with work, house cleaning and life. Plus I am a bad picture taker. I do all kinds of fun things, but I never remember to document these events with pictures.

Ramanda my cutie pie sis-inlaw tagged me

8 Things About Me
Here are the rules:
1)post these on your blog.
2)answer the six "8" items.
3)let each person know by leaving them a comment on their blog.

8 Favorite TV shows and Movies (because I watch little to no TV)

1) Wizard of OZ
2) Sleeping Beauty
3) Fight Club
4) Momento
5) American Idol
6) The Office
7) The Biggest Loser
8) Project Runway

8 things I look forward to

1) The birth of my new baby boy, Miles. 4 weeks to go.I am so excited that I can't help it!
2) Getting into killer shape with the help of my Personal Fitness students at my school post pregnancy. Watch out Heidi Klum.
3) Going to the Britney Spears Concert in April with my Leelers.
4) Seeing Wicked with Matt and my parents. A co-worker got me the hook up on reserving seats before they went on sale.
5) My friends Kelly and Lindsee also having their babies. Great timing guys!
6) Summer time, warmth and BBQ's with family and friends
7) Being debt free. (ditto)

8 favorite places to eat

1) At friends' houses (anytime when someone cooks for me)
2) La Puente-All hail the Smoothered Burrito
3) My parent's house. My dad is an awesome cook
4) Fratelli's-small business owned by a cute itallian family
5) Tsunami-I love sushi!
6) The Beehive Tea Room-I mostly love this place for it's vintage decore
7) At my own house-because I can eat with no pants on
8) Del Taco-for the midnight/after party cravings with my hubby

8 Things on my wish list

1) Learn to save money quicker
2) To be a stay at home mom, but I would do volunteer work instead
3) Fit into my "skinny me jeans" by my birthday
4) No more economy woes
5) To find a new creative outlet
6) Organize!!!
7) More time to read and relax

8 People I tag

3)Cami (do you have a blog??)

Sadly I am not sure on who blogs these days!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baby on Board

After noticing my own odd behaviors such as, crying and weeping over America on the 4Th of July at a BBQ with friends. Matt and I went, more as a joke, to the local Walgreen's to pick up the cheapest pregnancy test there was. I got home and thought there is no way! The 2 blue lines proved when there is action is a result. I didn't start to feel different until about week 6. My dad bought me sushi for my birthday, which is my favorite. As soon as I bit into it, I knew that sushi and I would never be the same. The whole "morning sickness" thing is really "all day and mostly bedtime sickness". The first doctors appointment was last Monday. I was especially looking forward to be confirmed by an actual doctor of my current state of being. "Yes you are definitely prego," the doctor said. Due date approx. March 11Th, 2009. Don't get me wrong I have never been so excited for something in my entire life. It is my destiny to have adorable,genius babies! We already have names that we like and we are building the nest. I still can't picture myself with a giant belly though. I guess we'll have to wait and see. 11 Weeks and counting :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How it all started

Matt and I met through a chain of events and mutual friends. We were good friends and would see each other at party's or BBQ's. About a year into hanging out together in this type of setting, our fates collided and suddenly we were an item over night. It happened quickly and it felt more right than I could imagine. We dated each other, fell in love quick and talk about our future family and plans very early on. Plus after I met his terrific family I knew that I was in a good spot. After dating for almost a year and a half, Matt popped the question Christmas Eve 2007. I diligently started making plans, organizing and creating the perfect wedding. With the support of our family and friends we married June 28Th, 2008.