Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How it all started

Matt and I met through a chain of events and mutual friends. We were good friends and would see each other at party's or BBQ's. About a year into hanging out together in this type of setting, our fates collided and suddenly we were an item over night. It happened quickly and it felt more right than I could imagine. We dated each other, fell in love quick and talk about our future family and plans very early on. Plus after I met his terrific family I knew that I was in a good spot. After dating for almost a year and a half, Matt popped the question Christmas Eve 2007. I diligently started making plans, organizing and creating the perfect wedding. With the support of our family and friends we married June 28Th, 2008.

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Susannah said...

Hey Randi-
Love the blog. I need to get my going. I only have a couple not so exciting posts.